Get ready for the incredible FRISKY one more time! “The Spring kingdom” bringing a squad of sexy angels and some friends. On March 25, 2023, FRISKY Party will be back in New York following the Circus-Carnival event held in São Paulo, Brazil.

This night out with friends won’t be just like any other. It will be a never-ending blast of fun and energy, with costumes that are especially crafted to adhere to the Party’s theme. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to experience FRISKY “The Spring Kingdom” – a different and celestial world, with an amazing music journey, energizing vibes, and a list of some of the most talented DJs, performers, and dancers from who will be making their first appearance in New York City.

Let the night carry you away as you dance like a frisky angel.

This party features music from International DJ and producer LOURENZO from Brazil, who started his musical career at age of 6. His combination of irreverence and refinement will provide a unique sound that fuses together the best of Israel and the Brazilian style. Along with a charming new guest, DJ JUKA from Mexico, who is also debuting in New York for the first time. DJ JUKA has incorporated Latin and tropical sounds into his sets, and performed in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Spain.

Doors Open at 11 pm, on Saturday, March 25. 17 Meadow Street, Brooklyn NY 11206

Text FRISKY to 866 -603-3889 and join our text list and be the first to receive information about our upcoming events.